PPC Audits

Growth Starts with a PPC Account Audit

Discover the underperforming aspects of your current PPC campaigns and where ROI improvements can be made with our 101-Point AdWords account audit.

The 360Partners 101-Point Checklist is a proprietary PPC account audit tool that measures your current account against industry standards and best practices. It is one of the most valuable PPC management services we offer, because until current issues are addressed, moving forward with a successful PPC campaign just isn’t possible.

Complete Transparency for High Performance PPC Campaigns

During the AdWords account review, every aspect of your campaigns is analyzed in detail. The information is compiled into a report that summarizes the most important issues and outlines areas of opportunity. We will then schedule a 101-Checklist Presentation meeting with you to:

  • Discuss the results of the AdWords account review.
  • Present detailed findings, highlighting the elements that are underperforming.
  • Provide recommendations for addressing the issues and improving campaign performance.
  • Lay out a plan for implementing the recommendations.
  • Provide recommendations for expansion of your PPC account if applicable.

The in-depth audit offers an objective outside evaluation of your PPC accounts and gives our team a head start on creating a more effective strategy going forward.

Let’s discuss how working with us can set the stage for PPC campaigns that are built for success right from the start.