With SMX Advanced rapidly approaching, we wanted to share the sessions that most interest our 360Partners conference-goers. We obviously have a keen interest in all things SEM and SEO, but that’s merely the starting point.

We’ve concentrated on three buckets when building our SMX agenda. Sessions either hone our existing skills, share new best practices that benefit our clients, or prepare us for the future of not only search marketing but also web development. Because search marketing and web development work hand-in-hand, it’s important to address the subjects of PPC and SEO from those angles, as well as more technical ones like data management and JavaScript.

Two of our Senior Analysts, Ashlee Andres and Tiffany Pullin, were kind enough to share the SMX Seattle sessions they plan to attend and what they intend to glean from them. We’ve covered those sessions briefly below; to stay up to date with what we’re learning, follow us on Twitter. We’ll share our thoughts and lessons learned in real time and in a follow-up blog post.

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Google Search

The AMA session covers the previous year and typically ushers in BIG announcements for the upcoming one. It’s where we hope to hear about a new iteration of the search engine or changes coming to paid search. It’s also the one time we can ask Google just about anything, so we’ll be in attendance to hear the questions Google representatives have to field.

Using Paid Search and Social Together to Deliver the Ultimate Knockout Punch

SEO vs. PPC packs a solid punch, but social may help deliver a knockout. By using both levers in concert, we can fulfill the omni-channel promise and “push and pull” potential customers toward a purchasing decision.

Adding the social channel means managing more data, but that’s nothing new for search marketers. We already have to be masters of writing scripts, modifying bids, and combining extensions for paid search success. We’re simply channeling existing expertise into new channels, and this session will be critical to enabling the ability. We look forward to learning more about paid search, social and how to combine them into the strategies we develop for our clients.

Thinking Big: Enterprise eCommerce Paid Search

This session complements the paid search and social one, but applies its lessons at the enterprise level. Enterprise retailers spend a lot of time deciding where to spend their marketing dollars, time, and resources. Should advertisers allocate more funds to Bing and Google, or should they try to stay on top of emerging ecommerce features found with alternative channels like PriceGrabber, Pinterest, and Instagram? The questions can be perplexing, if not vexing, so we’re going to dig for the answers in order to provide stronger strategies and advice.

What’s New with Markup and Structured Data

Properly structured data has always been critical to getting first-page search results, but it’s an area sometimes prone to neglect and misunderstanding. We aim for this SMX Advanced session to heighten our existing skills in structured markup and data. We’ll learn about some of the newer markup options available today and discuss advanced uses of structured data in relation to “rich snippets,” i.e., the stars, images, and additional information that sometimes appear in search results. It’s going to be a highly specialized topic, but it’s invaluable to growing and showcasing our expertise in advanced, technical SEO.

Ashley Andres

Ashlee Andres

What to Do when Google Can’t Understand Your JavaScript

The final session on our SMX agenda is another technical one: JavaScript frameworks, DOM Snapshot, SPA applications, et cetera. We want to attend this session because there are still instances when Google can’t crawl, understand, and index dynamic websites—much to the chagrin and frustration of marketing directors and CMOs. The end result is a site with poor indexing and rankings in search.

This session is designed to solve those pain points by walking through use cases. We’ll learn about SEO schemes on the cutting edge of web development, which will expand our skill set and help us devise solutions that meet our enterprise-level clients’ needs.

Tiffany Pullin

Tiffany Pullin

SMX Seattle is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited to go and learn. If you can’t attend SMX Advanced this year, follow along with us on Twitter.

This post was authored by Ashlee Andres and Tiffany Pullin. If you need help with auditing, strategy or your online marketing accounts in general, contact us to find out if 360Partners is the right SEM partner for you!